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2/02/2017 blog

2017-02-02 04:32:46 by SpanglishHorse

hello. so what's new ?

TL;DR: Good and Bad news and update blog.

not much, i just finished a new comic and working on some some more

i will take some drawing commission requests.
a SKetch wil be 15$
With clean one with flat colors will be 25$
with flat Shading and lighting 30$
background color is free
but a background art is 25$ more.
so a full art, 50$ (-5$ discount)
so yeah, if you like and support me and request or donate me.
you send me paypal money here :

i'm no longer moderate some of hellbent discord and stream due to some discussion and i get tired and i felt like i need to quit spending time on this and focus more working on my personal things and make more content and stuff.
it was a bummer but life goes on, move on to some new chapter.

plus i've finished my new comic featuring my buddy mouthlessrobot
and his fictional characters. when he made a fanart of me, i felt like i owe him something, so i made a comic for him with Bob getting captured by two babes.
check it out. < Click here, don't be shy.


and i'm working on the second issue comic, it's gonna be shorter than


that adds up the details of the trip.
and the third will be like the rise of the demonicaly augmented dog you know who i mention.

and what's more, i'll keep shitposting stuff on youtube with things i got bored and made this like fanfic reading , comic dubs, in my playlist called Random Bullshit.

still developing some more and faster techniques to draw comic faster and better and i will soon animate something random and some i've never finished.

if i get a cintiq, i will animate a lot with flash, and i don't give a FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK if it's outdated, just watch and enjoy.

i think that's all, thanks for reading.

more update soon.

January 2017 Picks

2017-01-01 13:14:25 by SpanglishHorse

Here are my picks

1 @Crunchlins

2 @nevarky and @LyleMcDouchebag

3 @Doodley

4 @Flashgitz

5 @Anioco

6 @InsaneAnimator

7 @Fantishow

8 @TheUnseriousguy

9 @TS-Romulus

10 @aalong64


Check 'em all out and give them some Votes and Reviews and share it on every social website.

thank you for reading.

more update soon.

New Animation : Super Planet Dolan Fan Animation

2016-12-20 16:25:27 by SpanglishHorse

It's Also on Newgrounds


hey there, this is my fan animation i made for PlanetDolan aka Danger dolan's animation channel :


Shima :

Melissa morgan :

pringletheone :

and Hellbent :
MetalNEck :
and DaddyPain :

you can follow me on twitter, FB, NG ect for more stuff i post :


Also Like and Retweet my twitter post :

Bob Versus ALfred issue #1 (Complete)

2016-11-26 06:05:33 by SpanglishHorse

VOila! First Issue of BvA is done.

if you're new here lemme tell ya.

i made a comic for @emily-youcis.

the reason why is that i love her works and wondered if i crossover my character Bob The psycho Rabbit with Alfred Alfer, thanks to my ability and skills, i thought i'd give it a try. and it went well, she let me draw the whole comic and continue on some more and so i DID.

take it as my wish has been granted and there i made it.

i did my effort to make it, took me a year while spending time dealing my personal problems and jobs and more.

and now i'm happy that i finished and moving on to another project.

i thank you all for reading and support and whatnot, retweeting my comics and sharing and giving me ratings ad reviews and all.yeah i'm proud that i finished and moving on.

so yeah check it out : Bob The Psycho Rabbit mini serie : Bob Versus Alfred Issue # 1



i wanna thank Emily (again), @Hellwink for this nice Fanart he made , @Glenorsven for being supportive, myuuthemew for including BOB in this content and Hellbent for spreading the word and retweeting it anyboody else, thank you.

more update soon.

BTPR Commission By DIAdorin

2016-11-20 22:15:50 by SpanglishHorse

Awwwyeah Check out DIadorin  :

so i commissioned him and he delivered me this just as i wanted and it looks awesome :



monthly voting 11/2016

2016-11-01 14:29:31 by SpanglishHorse

Hello here are my monthy pick.












so i just voted some what i watched and like in NEWGROUNDS so here are my picks.


1 @DocJoshimitsu
2 @JoelOnToast
3 @Carbonwater
4 @d00dleJam
5 @Ukinojoe
6 @Sexual-Lobster
7 @Duongster
8 @Emrox

9 @Pandemoniac

10 @storytellerYT



welp, that's all. maybe i'll post it next time.



2016-09-12 10:44:01 by SpanglishHorse


So WHat's up :
still working on some other project and primary ones and stuff, and i
got noticed and noticed many times andit was really cool.

First :
@emily-youcis (  ), She likes mycomic Featuring ALfred Alfer and i keep continue like that and she
doesnt mind if i make more comics with Alfred alfer in it.

i have scripted and made concept for my future projects, how it continues

after the issue of Bob Versus Alfred.
and plus i got noticed by Hellbent (   ),

he is such a cool, seems like he totally like my artwork even when i

posted some fanarts of him.
Emily and Hellbent started following me on twitter, liking and

retweeting my posts  (sometimes) and that was really cool and i feel

like doing more and more and MORE!!!

and then i met other people : @Glenorsven from belgiun (  ) he is very young and talented,

and he should be a radio host and big artist, cause he is good.

And then Kaiser Leospike @Burningleos : he is good at making up some RPG game

story but his art are bad still has to practice and learn not to

steal and trace on somebodies art.  ( )

@Troisnyx (  )  go check her out, she

can sing, draw  and play music so well, take a listen to her.

and so on

then i met @Zalgaloo (  ) and we're

spending time talking on discord and having fun creating stuff.
we made some videos here

And the Video He made with my character Rig i made for him for his video and his future videos :

These for fun :

his video of us playing reenactment of Harambe in the game Starbound


and rubalt's version :

character rig i made for his future videos :

and my first NON-FLASH animation based on the starbound game Harambe
reenactment video :

oh and check out Rubalt's Music : .

and more promotion comming soon lemme know if i forgot something.

Hellbent Invited me for his Saturday NIght livestream and it was

great to be in his show talking random funny stuff and me giggling

over it while drawing stuff on Flockmod.
here are the video on where i appeared :

and this one where you can hear my voice while drawing

Some Artwork i made so far and check out my comic Bob Versus Alfred :

in this blog status, in phase 1 i finished sketching all the

remaining Bob Versus Alfred Page to be concluded soon then finishing

Phase 2 and 3 or 4 or more to make it perfect for publishing my

comics so yeah more update soon.   This one

has over 130+ like and 15+ Retweets, jeez!  Snoic De


if you haven't Read my comic Bob Versus Alfred, click it right here  more pages comming soon.

Plus : i donated newgrounds some money to become a supporter.

and @hellwink  made a fanart of my OC bob the Rabbit :

AND PLUS : i made a Commission art for Loopyylou (  )

and a free art for her :

and plus and lastly check and like my FB page :

All right TMI, more update blogs comming soon.


2016-05-08 10:47:47 by SpanglishHorse

ooookaaaaaaaaaay, sooooooooooooo.

working all day.
i have job.
every weekend i draw some shit posts on twitter and facebook.
More Bob versus Alfred comic page comming soon when i finished coloring and writing textes on the comics. if you havent seen it, pease check it out :

its a comic i'm doing just for fun, for emily youcis qnd she approved it ( ) and practice and improving my comic making skill.

i havent animated for a year, cause of my job time and other stuff i was doing for my life, it sucks but it is how it is.

i lost the feel and handle of flash and i'm too dumb to animate on toonboom and opentoonz, i need a lot of time to focus on that but i can't do all at the same time, so it's okay, one day i will, and i will wait for more software update and fixes when they can support with my surface pro 3 cause it sucks to use with other software to animate like Adobe animate or flash or toonboom, it just sucks. i found a cintiq though at the store where i live but 1000€ For FUCK Sake!!! maybe one day soon until i save up my cash and will buy a cintiq and my goal list is achieved.

and more ideas, GOD DAMMIT, how idea and projects i have and i havent done it. a lot!!!
so yeah until i get my cintiq and get jobless again, meaning when i work through my contract job and my manager decides not to keep me for working here forever until i want to quit.

anyways : Check out some more arts on deviant i posted : like this one

and currently Me and Sven for from belgium post one shitty and funny audio we wish this to be animated. please take a listen, you can voice or make art or whatever :

if you don't know who snoic the hedgehog is , this is my OC

he eats shit and cry over chrischan.

and i made comics of him and Episode 4 originally made as a text fiction and sven and I made an audio. if you want to animate, feel free.

Check out sven's creative content :  please follow him, he is great.


2015-12-12 06:50:02 by SpanglishHorse

Hey guys. its been awhile no posting more updates.

i just have a little rant about whats going on in newgrounds in minor issue.

its everytime when i posted my arts, it started to get voted a 0/5 stars.

i know my artwork is not great, i did told last post that i have a job and doesn't have much time to draw or animate some more content and/or improve my skill. when i posted something that i just love to share with you on facebook and twiiter,  i get no constructive criticism that  i could take it and learn some mistake, i mean people doesn't post a review and rate it a zero outta five. when i saw that i thought "what is wrong with you people ?" "have some sympathy" "why are they so mean ?".

i know what you might gonna comment me the same as one dude in skype we chatted i quote  "they are just dicks, ignore them".

i agree, but some to be force to learn  lesson about sympathy or be nice to each other.

i don't spam anybody here unless if i lose my mind.

i know i just can't do nothing here but keep posting stuff i made and maybe i get positive or negativ.

just please don't be mean newgrounds. i want to be the a good artist here and this is what i get, c'mon.

trolling is not funny. go outside, look around or have a walk and think.


so yeah updates:

NOTHING MUCH. just worked my ass off lol

but i would post some more shit if you hate it or love it HAHA. that's internet, niños (kids).

more update soon ....