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2013-06-13 19:52:11 by SpanglishHorse

heeeey sorry for very late blog post guys, i was busy and lazy. so i was playing some games i havent played long after i bought but who give a damn.
so i promised a guy on my last blog to animate one jessica rabbit exposing her her breasts, it will come later, i mean LATER.
so i was drawing and making activity making some new drawings something unoriginal, and some hot fictional chicks and other fan arts, and whatever stuff and more.
some fan i've lost i just gotta say "well sorry if you didnt like anymore, heh"
i checked out some E3 stuff, and i gotta say the same as everyone that i didnt like what microsoft delivered the xbox one and the restriction stuff and they tried to changed the life of gaming into a capitalistic shit money grabbing bullshit i dunno more what to say. but the ps4 looked nice, kinda boring looking but nice, and at least no DRM and some restriction crap.
its good that they still going just like the old time, and it will ever be like that this time, so ,go sony.
and nintendo, wow! Smash Bros. with megaman WiiFit trainer and villager, aaawwwww yeah shit just got ...'.
okay, i say "fuck yeah" to nintendo and sony.
so back to me, i've finished some artworks but i don't upload it yet when i feel ready to. i'll post one at time.
like 1 a day or 1 when i get at least a thousand views i'll post another one.
its not gonna be awesome, its gonna be ..... pff i dunno, You judge.
about animation .... that still can wait, i wish i have a cintiq but i'm working on it.
i still use an old wacom off screen tablet (model: FT-0405-U), its square small, practible, good, but my pen nib is getting shorter and would be difficult for the pressure sensiblity thing, so i set up somehow for good.
i hope you understand cause my english is no gud lol.
so i've made tons of psd files and SAI files to finish and will post some shit, okay.
thanks for reading.



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