changing my nickname

2012-11-24 04:27:36 by SpanglishHorse

i need a good nickname for gaming and arts.
i know, Hiramthedude, devilangelshat (xboxlive), dude196, it just sounds kinda lame and boring and normal to me, i just feel like it causes me getting no views and no reputation on the internet, becuz of my name, or maybe its not that, i dunno.
such like egoraptor, ricepirate, ect many original usernames, that they get popular, and mine ... i dunno its probably becuz of my first real name, its one of the LEAST used name and its a hebrew name, and when i published my name like that, nothing happened it all goes normal but i can't get attention with my own talent i've posted (my drawings and videos and animation) and my people in my location knows me as "Hiramthedude" for long time ago in luxemburg, but i'd like to get reknown in the whole world, but that's really tough to do.
HiramTheDude, i just used my first name becuz i have pride to expose my real name to the world wide web, i have no shame of it, sometimes i introduced myself and when i see the the expression of a person when i talk to them , i had to say "yeah i know, its a weird name, cuz its a jewish name, but i'm spanish", a spanish dude with a jewish name, yeah.
and "Dude", is that i'm a Dude, like everybody else, people in my turf keeps calling me that and that nice and comfortable hear.
so yeah, in one day when officially decide to change my username, i will let my old youtube account open , until they let me have the option to change the name and i will make a new account with my own unique username Or maybe not i will stay HiRamTheDude no matter what. (who gives a shit ?!)


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