2013-01-14 07:39:05 by SpanglishHorse

well after i made some few artworks with titties and paints i'd like to say thanks for the review and rating and favorite me, it means good to me, to get motivated make some more stuff this week i'm gonna finish some animation i havn't finished yet due to some personal request and other projects. i finished the xbox game Criterion's Black 100 % and made a lets play or should i say "lets complete" a "completionism" video of me completing this game, but i have some few problems, is the video and audio synchronization that its 95% delayed but thats okay, and the video conversion of the program i used screwed up the converted video, it desynchronized so badly that i better used sony vegas and render it to WMV. so yeah when its publish then don't mind on that, and watch my completion video if you want if your some kind of person who likes lets play video. so about the animation, i want you just remind that it has no plot, contains brainless humor, its just a practice animation, just for fun like Joker sticking a pencil up in the ass, or batman being an asshole and chug robin up in his ass like a vacuum cleaner. so yeah thats all my update it will make some more stuff and see ya.


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