2013-01-21 16:38:35 by SpanglishHorse

what a week i took care of a french little bulldog for a week and now its gone back to the owner for good. hes was annoying but neat.
okay, i was very lazy last week, i haven't animate since last monday, becuz of a party i went last weekend, i was a bit drunk, and couldn sleep allnight while i was trying to. i slept everyday, like being a vampire or something like that. and so i started to get lazy and didnt animated and drawn for a week, cuz thats not the way i do, obviously, its stupid. and sure wanted to look a job but i slept overday hahahahahahaha funny.
i'll get something to sleep again, and then get motivated again. and i'll start doing shit for my future.
so yeah, what else, if you're french, then check ou my french dub of Kony 2012 by spychicpebblest =) and other dub video i made another made by PB just 1 dumb line in 13 languages. so yeah check it out. more coming soon, and shit and stuff and scout my friend Xdrop, he's cool so check out also.

will post some more blog post next week, maybe.

see ya.


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