2013-02-15 17:42:52 by SpanglishHorse

oh wow i mean not much to post anything... i just spend a lot of time playing dark souls prepare to die for the ps3 and i had fun to play while i died a lot unliteraly i mean in the video game, and it is obviously hard as hell, the most hard boss at the current time was against Ornstein and Smoegh, terribly hard, i tried to get some reinforcement, i mean, summoning Solaire but i couldn and online players neither. i'm at level 100 or more i don't remember cause i left my ps3 in my box for taking a break for a while and continuing making my project, doing some social acts and stuff. and what else i bought my my horse mask YAYYYYY it smells like paste and its made in china, kinda big but i know why, so i applied my russian hat in it to hold my mask tight not to fall off yknow.
so yeah what more, i made my own crappypasta audio video wich is not really scary but funny to hear. so yeah and i published my old flash animation and it stupid to watch = but fun to see what i don't want to spoil it, and thanks to that swf to video converter i discovered at newgrounds, its a cool app, i recommend you to use that. so yeah thats all my post.

i made a video dressed as a elegant horse and dance infront the chatroulette.



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