2013-03-25 11:47:17 by SpanglishHorse

hello, so thank you for following me, "fans", i hopefilly make some more arts, audio and movies.
at this time, i am contributing JakkMau5 making a flash game called "Portal Anarchy", its not based of the actual game, its based of newgrounds fiction i'm not sure, go ask him for a interview.
Ricepirate, jaxamoto, carbonwater, schock-dingo, redminus are in this project involved.
i do the background design, he will send me his raw background design and i redesign it clean, sharp and well done made.
so i've watched some random videos and i found one (it sounds and looks stupid but i like it), an Anime weeaboo parody called "Mimi Moppu", its about a girl named Mimi and her friends, having theyr good time until Mimi suspecting a strange emo guy and met him and they guy offers him a magic washing mop out of his between his legs and she can transform into a girly japanese overcute superhero Mimi Moppu. After i watched 2 episodes, i felt like drawing a fanart that you can see it here,
it looks good but don't mind of her nipples, i just did for fun.
so yeah kinda pointless, right ?
so what else i made this time, i made a spanish fan dub of Dudultv's animated video called "you can shave the baby".
go ahead and watch if you know spanish.
soyeah, i hope the game portal anarchy, would be a successfull game, thanks with 5 active members and the 2 pending members.
oh and check out my old first animation i made when i was 14


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2013-03-25 14:21:43

For a first animation that's fantastic!

(Updated ) SpanglishHorse responds: