29/04/2013 blog

2013-04-29 12:25:51 by SpanglishHorse

heeeeeey so!
I keep the brown jacket.
I spent some time outside drawing somethings, fanarts and original stuff.
went to some livestreams pretty often, with Jaxamoto, StevRayBro, Destructoid, and my HomeBoy Chris(disclaimer: chris speaks luxemburgish and german in this stream, its only for who understand these language :/). so i had a good time on the internet, i sent an audition to Scott Falco for his next animation sequal of Dark Souls General, he replied and said that he will get back to me or message me whe he decide if yes or no , anytime when its ready to do or done, and i hope i will be in his animation voicing a someone he picked up as Solaire, Andre, Blight Hollow, and Undead Dragon. If NOT, then it was a worth try.
i chatted with stevRaybro last night, he was very cool, i introduced Chocolate Chainsaw to him, the girl i know personally and that Stev made a Panty and Stocking (i watched this anime through season 1 and it was great, especially the car chase in the school scene, just WTF!) stylish recolored version of lolipop chainsaw "Chocolate Chainsaw" times ago when i discovered about it (disclaimer: she is freakin' HOT IRL oohlaa), and we were glad to meet each other in the internet, everything's cool, all cool.
then he drew faces of his fans including me and i drawed also one for him with a elegant smug face with a selected quote on the speechbubble.
and what else...
i also do livestream on twitch, i play some classic games i wanted to play it though again in Hard difficulty. From 5th generation to the currently dying 6th generation games (i mean Xbox360, ps3 and Wii)(correct me if i'm wrong about the generation order).
so more update soon.


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