2013-07-17 14:16:25 by SpanglishHorse

hello, long time no posting some updates.

so yeah, i've been drawing some stuff, scan it and color it, as usual.
A friend of mine proposed me a commission to draw a single cover art for his Death-core band "Thoughtless Victim" for his new song called "Benjamin's choice", it is about benjamin blümchen (a talking elephant with human like behaviour) as a pedophile, obsessed with his little friend.
i thought that sounds dumb and creepy, but i didnt care so i accepted and will draw for him for 200EU when he finished composing his song.
and what more....
i prepared some projects for animations, like i needed a voice actress to voice a character from a german comedy tv show for kids called "Chili TV" featuring Bernd the bread (Bernd das Brot). check this video one of my favorite
I was wondering while they kept broadcasting the same clips of Bernd the bread stuck in the white void like room surrounded my A.I.'s and robot forcing him to do something overnight, if i could make an animation of his friends (Briegel the Bush and Chili the Sheep) worring about him and finding him and see what was he doing, and in the end should be a tragic scene. so yeah, just an animation, by using keyframe caddy, and using a personal friend of mine who is voicing as Chili the Sheep. i made some drawings of Chili, but like in the german tv show, i made her look hot and mature ;D you'll see it soon.
and oh yeah! if you already know that i have a tumblr account, please check it out, 1 news is i got over 90 likes and reblogs of my drawing of Spongebob and Patrick smoking pot together, and a bunch of tumblr people are pot smokers by using their name like that.
so yeah if you also have a tumblr, please follow me.
my profile design looks shit, but doesnt matter to me, i will change it up when i have time.
more stuff coming soon... and more and more.
and thanks to over 50 Fans on newgrounds for following me, i'm glad =).
more update soon.
see ya.


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