2013-10-07 09:08:44 by SpanglishHorse

Well, whats new ?! still going and going something with my life. doing random drawings and playing GTA5 online. i already completed GTA5 story mode 100%, sorta, just completed by doing the checklist and followed the list complete and some parts that i don't need. and about GTA online, its nice but the server really sucks, long loading, session failing, lags, servers full sometimes, that because there are player who access the game online and the server get full, and we can't come in. Its like a Club house, when its full, you can't access, and come back later. and rockstar games could buy another house so more player can access, get it ? so yeah, it sucks, don't want to wait, play some other games like Uncharted, or Minecraft, or some tranny JRPG's like Futa Fantasy 13 or 7 or 9, wich 9 made me angry of the antagonist when i thought it was a girl, but it was a dude after all decade ago when i beated the game once.
so yeah, still doing Benjamin's choice animation, and remember, it's a NSFW animation, contains bad things about between elephant and human, here a similiarity of this project .
and heres a little screencap preview of BC.
and about bernd the bread animation and others are on hold cause i need first things first stuff to do.
soyeah, toodooloo!



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2013-10-08 11:27:46

Rockstar Games should buy a whole block... at least. :) Toodooloo!

SpanglishHorse responds:

damn right!