2/02/2017 blog

2017-02-02 04:32:46 by SpanglishHorse

hello. so what's new ?

TL;DR: Good and Bad news and update blog.

not much, i just finished a new comic and working on some some more

i will take some drawing commission requests.
a SKetch wil be 15$
With clean one with flat colors will be 25$
with flat Shading and lighting 30$
background color is free
but a background art is 25$ more.
so a full art, 50$ (-5$ discount)
so yeah, if you like and support me and request or donate me.
you send me paypal money here :  paypal.me/spanglishorse

i'm no longer moderate some of hellbent discord and stream due to some discussion and i get tired and i felt like i need to quit spending time on this and focus more working on my personal things and make more content and stuff.
it was a bummer but life goes on, move on to some new chapter.

plus i've finished my new comic featuring my buddy mouthlessrobot
and his fictional characters. when he made a fanart of me, i felt like i owe him something, so i made a comic for him with Bob getting captured by two babes.
check it out. < Click here, don't be shy.


and i'm working on the second issue comic, it's gonna be shorter than


that adds up the details of the trip.
and the third will be like the rise of the demonicaly augmented dog you know who i mention.

and what's more, i'll keep shitposting stuff on youtube with things i got bored and made this like fanfic reading , comic dubs, in my playlist called Random Bullshit.

still developing some more and faster techniques to draw comic faster and better and i will soon animate something random and some i've never finished.

if i get a cintiq, i will animate a lot with flash, and i don't give a FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK if it's outdated, just watch and enjoy.

i think that's all, thanks for reading.

more update soon.


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