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2017-08-21 11:20:08 by SpanglishHorse

TL;DR: Good and Bad news and update blog.

i will take some drawing commission requests.
a SKetch wil be 15$
With clean one with flat colors will be 25$
with flat Shading and lighting 30$
background color is free
but a background art is 25$ more.
so a full art, 50$ (-5$ discount)
so yeah, if you like and support me and request or donate me.
you send me paypal money here :  paypal.me/spanglishorse


so news is, not much.

i cleaned up some mess in the past, moved on and making some artworks.

so i commissioned a few people i adore their art and received it pretty well you should go check out my devianart profile.

and i created also my Tapas.io account for posting my completely finished comics, so please check it out , click HERE.

been also pretty due to personal business and whenever i have time for producing some more random stuff like Dubbing Memes on youtube as my voice acting performance and other random bullshit i do.

i'm working and expanding of the next Issue of Bob VS Alfred comic (See Issue by clicking here: >>> 1 <<< and >>>2<<<, 3 and more comming up soon) and scripted the fifth issue part for more actions of DEVIL ALFRED and Bob The Psycho Rabbit. about Bob the psycho rabbit i scripted 8 issues and needs some corrections and improvement figuring out how do i make this story the right, good, and insane way, like, ,no fucks given/fuck the logic way. i may confuse you but you'll see when it's done.

so yeah and while that i'm posting some Meme dub video once or twice a week until i'm done. i made like over 30 video and putted all in schedules.

so yeah also shout out to CURT SIBLING. cause i commissioned him to draw this one for me and having a pleasant chat. https://curtsibling.deviantart.com/art/Bob-The-Possessed-Rabbit-700098120


and yeah i'll keep on working on things i like to make it done, no matter what.

and here's Snoic EPisode 8 : http://fav.me/dbl286l


Have fun reading:

more update soon.

take care, guys.


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