some status of me

2012-11-25 09:52:19 by SpanglishHorse

well, i posted a flash animation even on youtube
and then i've made some drawings and stuff for my future projects like this and this.
and i'm uploading some jump cutted Let's play video Resident evil 6 and some dubs i've planned thanks with my new mic. so yeah, i get less lazy, and i slept over night again, i have a man period (gastroparesis), imean, slo digestion, wich is bad and feels annoying as fuck, but i'll get and hope i won't die in 21 december. fuckin'n Dooms day kalender, i bet it's a commercial for the secret upcoming movie or merchandises shit, i guess that mayan calender when i stops at the red spot, could be suck kind of mayan new year date or something. nevermind.


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2012-11-25 14:30:17

we all hope we reach the xmas safe , i'm not sure if it's the dooms day or not but i'm sure something will happen at 21