not much new!

2012-12-27 17:28:34 by SpanglishHorse

hi! how you doing ?! fine ? okay!
so yeah, we're all still living! so i was right, the mayan calender is was just a calender, so : HAPPY NEW MAYAN YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!.
or whatever it is, it is a new era for them right now, i hope its positiv,
so my projects: i was being slow, doing my business, my current animation is working fine, i guess.
the current animation i do will be on video format, in ECH-DEE! i mean H-D.
and i 've finished my lets play ocarina of time 3 hearts run, and publish parts per day and when its completed, i'll move on some other classic xbox games, and ps1 and 2. looking for jobs and all stuff i want to do.
currently i use a samson Go mic and acer aspire 5536, and video games. so blablablablabalbalablablablablalbalbalblablabla
we're still alive!
and i blame the media for that. with that horrible movie "2012" where people died fictionally. and plots are terrible is different term, and and and that's it.
i'm just happy i'm alive. hooray.
if you like my stuff i have in my newgrounds account, go ahead and add me, you can ask me for help or collaboration, i do animations, drawing, voice actings, i'll do my best i can.

See ya! =)


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2012-12-28 06:48:16

I KnoWW!!!! I can't beloieve we actually sruvived lol XD I think all those gamez are rly cool I play those too. I like to put those characters in my cartoons somtimez lol your stuff looks rly cool! Maybe we can team up or somthing idk haha lol XD

SpanglishHorse responds:

maybe if you have the talent of 3 hobbies.