2013-02-04 13:11:31 by SpanglishHorse

havnt update since 2 weeks.
so yeah, nothing much new, i been making my lets play and some more arts and rearranging stuff.
bought Darksiders 2 and Dark Souls Prepare to DIE edition both for PS3. but i'm not ready until i finished recording and posting all of my classic xbox and ps2 and xbox360 games. then i'll play these 2 babies. i'm sad when THQ is no more due to they owe WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) a ridicoulus amount of 450 million dollars, i thought, WWWWOooowWWW!!! and they could afford it so thats the end of THQ and i have to say THX for publishing some nice games i bought : Red Faction Gerilla, Saints row, Darksiders and WWE Smackdown PS1. and i'm excited that this spanish president will get some SHITSTORM consequense about these paycheck he had. my country suffers poverty, people only earn 400 EU a month, thats not enough to live and feed the children yknow. and he get for decades over 2millions a months, what an asshole.
enuff said, about my projects i've been doing pretty slow and all that thing, will keep on moving.


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