2013-05-08 15:18:05 by SpanglishHorse

okay, another pointless update hmmmm
i did some little activity on tumblr and drawn a little bit last week, and i still havent got the job but who cares.
i became a fan of silvermaniashow, the big guy Justin from Underbelly, and his best friend Jarrett, a ehm... emo guy who probably hate everything, and he is the lead editor of silvermania show. so i first watched his interview video with God (gabe newell) and it was hilarious you guys should watch.
They friggin' met GOD in person, NO SHIT!
and also another i freaked out is how they filmed George Lucas Whipping a Pornstar's Ass in a porn convention.
GEORGE EFFIN' LUCAS! (in the background)
and so i've made a Fan Art (FArt) for them, they really liked it, even justin's cat loves it, and i also made a fan art video for them.
so another news probably some more arts coming, probably more sexy girls drawing, girls exposing boobs animation..... hey if you want, ask me which character you want to watch pulling out their breast.
would be cool.
and if you want, you can follow me on tumblr, i also post shit like everybody, heheh.
so i saw scott falco and i believe that i'm not gonna be in Dark Souls General Part 2, ......... unfortunately awesome.
so, i think that's all and i'll update some more blog stuff.


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2013-05-09 08:42:56

Good news. As for the boob pulling, how about Jessica Rabbit?

SpanglishHorse responds: